Are You Ready to Take on the Career Challenges That Exist in Today's Dynamic, Digital and Global Marketplace?

Having 25+ years experience in 45+ countries, I can tell you that today’s world of work is a much different place than just a few years ago in both the developed and developing worlds. Many previously proven executive job search and career management tools and strategies are no longer relevant in this dynamic and digitally oriented global employment climate.

To overcome the new challenges that today's global marketplace presents, we must first understand them.

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The Global War For Talent Means Increased Competition

Despite widespread unemployment, there are incredible skill shortages and an unmet demand for talent worldwide. These shortages are leaving organisations unable to fill positions needed to capitalize on opportunities in new and emerging markets critical to their survival.

This demand has created a global war for talent. As a result, online search has now become the reported primary strategy for finding candidates in the global talent pool. So not only do you have thousands instead of tens or hundreds of competitors for top jobs, but passive job seekers (those already working for someone else) are being sought after as well as those in active job search.

Your Online Reputation is Your Job Application and Reference Check

Given the role online search plays in sourcing talent, your online reputation is your primary screening or application for 75% of jobs. This is because on average 75% of jobs are never advertised. Hence you'll never know how many positions you've been passed over for because of a weak online presence.

But it's not just about getting found or standing out. Up to 85% of employers have reported using information they find online in their hiring decisions. And 70% of them indicated they chose not to consider or hire a candidate based on the information they found online about them.

Your online reputation is also a credential in its own right. Recent reports indicate that people with low online influence scores are being passed over by those with higher ones even though they had less years of relevant professional experience.

In an international job search you aren’t co-located with your target companies so online networks are the primary (if not only) means of connecting with, and being found by, your target employers. Hence a strong personal brand online is even more critical for those looking for work abroad.

A Compelling, Differentiating Message of Value is Needed to Succeed

If your online bio or CV starts with “experienced, results-oriented manager or leader with a proven track record…”, don’t assume hiring managers and recruiters will be wildly impressed as they read those same words every day. Generalists trying to be everything to everyone who use this language to describe what they offer with the intent of not missing out on any opportunities will get lost in the sea of highly qualified talent with similar generic value propositions.

Compelling specificity about your unique value is essential to standing out and getting and keeping the attention of those who need the value you can deliver. Without an in-depth understanding of your personal brand and the ability to communicate it in a compelling, differentiating way on- and offline, your chances of finding work and succeeding abroad are greatly reduced.

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Today's Challenges Need Relevant Strategies and Solutions

I've developed my solutions to help expats embrace opportunities and overcome challenges that come with pursuing and landing working abroad in today's global and digitally oriented employment climate.

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Expat Executives & Professionals

I'll help you pursue work abroad, craft a compelling message of value, build an online presence and global network, attain expert status, attract opportunities and advance your career.
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Expat Solopreneurs & Consultants

I'll help you build a portable business around your strengths and expertise, an online presence and global network. Attain expert status, improve your influence skills and attract clients worldwide.
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Understanding Your Brand DNA

Using tools developed with nobel peace prize nominated research we can predict performance, help clarify your brand and optimize your choices.
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We address identifying jobs overseas and across cultures, aligning work abroad with career goals and issues before/during/after assignments.
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